horns of dilemma

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interview:  Jeff Hamilton
by Carlos Nemo

Jeff Hamilton
Visit Jeff Hamilton at: HAMTONE

Q: Do you have a real job?

A: I make certain a teacher of shakuhachi, who has also been on the cover of bass player magazine, has a conch shell handy to blow into at will every night. So, yes I do;  'conch technician.'

Q: When did you first hear of the Femmes? Were you a fan of theirs  before joining the HOD?

A: Whenever the first album was released ('82-'83). Yes I was and am. The
last time I saw the band within the audience was '86.

Q: I've looked at your myspace and it seems you have a lot of female
admirers. Since VF are all married does this make you the main  cocksman on stage, or do those old bastards still have it?

A: pt 1 - Someone has to bring the rock. pt 2 - Well, those old bastards have had their pick of the litter and it seems some have chosen wisely.

Q: How do you and Gordon decide which guitar parts each gets?

A: Gordon will call me up, invite me over to his place and after shooting
the shit and having a pint, we'll go over the parts and see what works or
doesn't. Or, he'll email me mp3's of ideas he has and we'll work them out
that way. Otherwise I'll play whatever I want.

Q: Your trumpet playing is terrible. Why do you persist?

A: My trumpet has been heralded in many countries as the voice of happiness for the masses. When I see the smiles I simply cannot bring myself to cease playing it. I persist for the sake of the people's happiness.

: What's the worst part about playing with the Femmes?

A: Being mistaken for Gordon.~

Visit Jeff Hamilton at: HAMTONE