horns of dilemma

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interview:  Darren Brown
by Carlos Nemo

Darren Brown

How long have you worked for the Femmes and what's your job history?

A: My first road gig w/ violent femmes was Caranige hall 1986 and I did the stage lighting. I have been the production manager , tour manager and currently band manager for Violent Femmes.Over the last 20 years, I have done every job except mixing the sound.Good or Bad the buck stops here. 

I have also toured with 10,000 Maniacs, Dinosaur JR.,Drivin n’Cryn,Kevn Kinny, The Ocean Blue,Robin Holcomb,Bo Deans,The Mercy Seat,TommyKeene,DieKreuzen,
Tense Experts,They Might Be Giants. 

When I moved to Minneapolis w/ my family 6 years ago I started working as a promoters representative for Sue MLean and associates. I find this very, very  interesting to see how other band's / manager's operate their tours and deal with artist and crew...And Sue and her staff are great - one of the truly independent promoters .

I try to spend what little time I have at home  working  Minneapolis Woman's Club Theater - A wonderful theater from 1920's.      


Q: They call you "the big man with the little trumpet." Why do you play such a little trumpet?
A: Don Cherry played one and I like the compact size and easy of play. Yea, good point, I should get a new stage name. 

Who are your main trumpet influences?

By Action: Brian Ritchie who provided my current instrument. By their playing of the trumpet: Louia Armstrong, Akh Tal Ebah, Cosey Fanni Tutti and the guy in Bor Dirt Car. 

What is the silliest thing you have seen on stage with VF?

A: Any one who does not get within 6 feet of the microphone when they play. So they can not possible be heard. A great example of this was in Australia in 2005 there was a contest for radio winners to perform in the Horns of Dilemma
unfortunately the winners were radio groupies, not musicians. 

Do the Horns of Dilemma get fan letters and emails? 

A: T
his is the first and last.

Who are your favorite HOD cohorts?

I love all the brothers and sisters who join in with the noise.~