horns of dilemma

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violent femmes horns of dilemma
Supplemental musicians who appear on stage with VF are known as the Horns of Dilemma. They range from amateurs to veteran pros such as saxmen Dick Parry from Pink Floyd and Steve Mackay from Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Additional members include John Sparrow, Jeff "Jazz" Hamilton,Darren Brown,Guy Hoffman, Caleb Alexander, Drake Scott, Peter Balestrieri, Dundeen, Matt Kalin, Blaise Garza, Ken "Mujitsu" LaCosse, Yoon Ki Chai, Shig 33, Roger Rocha, Kevn Kinney, Bryan J. Howard and thousands more.

Interviews with Horns of Dilemma members

By Carlos Nemo
(click on photo) more to come...

Jeff Hamilton John Sparrow

Darren Brown